What to Wear

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What to wear

When planning what to wear for your session think fun and simple!!

I encourage you to bring lots of clothing choices. Choose items for the entire family as if you were creating one outfit. If all your choices were somehow on one person, would the result be pleasing colourwise?

Have one family member that has flowers or patterns (e.g print dress for your daughter or plaid patterned shirt for your son or partner) then build the rest of the outfits around that choosing colours out of that one outfit to make the rest.

Don’t be afraid to add some fun hats, funky boots, belts, skirts with tights, scarfs, headbands, hairclips, vests etc ~ accessories are fun and can add so much fun and depth to the final image!!

When you make your booking we can talk a little more on this subject, plus you will receive a more detailed information pack via email once everything is all booked in that will give you some great ideas on wardrobe selection.