Sky Overlays

Nearly all photographers will remember a time where you have captured the most amazing image and everything you wanted to achieve is in this photo, but the sky appears to be pale and wishy washy, or just not quite right and it is making the whole image just a bit ‘average’. Once upon a time you would have had to run with that image anyway, choose another one that you weren’t as happy with but the colours were more acceptable, or reshoot the lot!

Well, I have put a special collection together just for you so that you don’t have to worry about that any more. Check out our long awaited, first collection of sky overlays for photographers that can enhance your image, make the subject matter stand out, create more emotion in your amazing shot, and make it all absolutely perfect.

You can blend a sky overlay with the current sky in your image, or replace the sky altogether to add a touch of perfection to your images. Regardless of the effect you prefer, we will have the perfect sky overlay for you. Add that extra spark that your client is after, or conjure some extra emotion with a stunning sky overlay that frames your captured image and will make it a treasured memory. You can ensure that your images stand out, one magical sky overlay at a time!

Whether you are after the classic perfect blue sky, a daring red sunset, a threatening storm, or anything in between, I have it ready for you to use!

Why not try a couple of the overlays on some of your images to see how much they can enhance your shots. With the advent of smartphones and a multitude of portable cameras, you will want your images to stand out from any shots that your clients can take themselves, so make sure you experiment a little with my first set of sky overlays and you will be amazed at how much they can improve your finished product.

Have a look at the before and after shots and you will see the amazing difference that a sky overlay can have on any image.

Once you have purchased the perfect sky overlay, you will receive a digital download of your chosen overlay in both Photoshop and Elements. The 60 sky overlays are all high resolution, so they can be used easily in any image.
Please be advised that as these sky overlays are copyrighted, they cannot be shared with friends or family that have not purchased them for themselves. They may only be used in YOUR OWN photos, or to enhance YOUR customer’s images.


Sky Overlays



And here is a little Video Tutorial to see how easy they are to use and add to your images

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