Maternity Photoshoot: 5 Ways To Look Outstanding in Your Photos

Have you ever wondered why maternity photoshoot is so popular nowadays? It’s because it honours and celebrates the beauty of a woman carrying a sweet bundle of love inside her stomach. It’s a tribute to the most lovely nine months of her life. It also demonstrates how incredible mothers are for being able to carry a baby within. 

With that said, a maternity photoshoot is an incredible idea. And, as much as we want to be spontaneous, this photography requires meticulous planning.

If you’re a mother who wants to have a Maternity Photoshoot but isn’t sure what style to go for, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ll show you five ways to stand out in your photoshoot.

1.     Dress in a way that emphasizes your figure

Loose or baggy clothing will not draw attention to your stomach. After all, the point of this photoshoot is to show off your tummy. So, your outfit selection is essential. Choose outfits that are either form-fitting or a little revealing to draw attention to your baby bump.

Here are some wardrobe suggestions for you:



Bodycon dress

Laced dress

Dress shirt with long sleeves and undone buttons

Aside from the design, colour plays a vital role in making the images appealing to the eye. Wearing neutral hues gives a discreet aesthetic that doesn’t detract attention from your baby belly.

2.     For a natural look, use light makeup.

Everything should seem natural and subtle. So, choosing the right makeup is equally important. We understand that most women want to wear a full face of makeup. However, it might be overwhelming in other scenarios, such as a maternity photo shoot.

To get a natural-looking appearance in the photograph, consider wearing light makeup. You are a mother who will give birth to a beautiful child. And with that stated, it’s fantastic if your face exudes the vigour that a new mother has.

To get a light makeup appearance, follow these simple steps:

To help your makeup stay longer, start with a moisturizer and then a primer.

Choose a light foundation that complements your skin tone.

Make your eyebrows natural.

Select neutral colours for the eyeshadow.

Apply mascara and eyeliner. You should avoid fancy false lashes. A mascara will suffice.

Colour your cheeks with blush.

Wear your favourite lipstick, but select between pink and nude

3.     Do poses that show off your baby bump.

It’s not enough to have an attire that shows off your baby belly. It will be best if you also do poses that emphasise your stomach. A simple “holding your tummy” pose may dramatically improve your photos. We do not, however, encourage becoming mainstream. You may execute a variety of positions for your maternity photoshoot to get excellent results.

Here are some concepts to consider:

To concentrate on the form of your stomach, stand sideways lifting the front leg facing the camera up on tippy toes.

Look down while caressing your tummy

Change positions of hands

Happy walking

4. Hire the best photographer

If you are a mother arranging a maternity photo shoot right now, you should plan it well. Of course, we wouldn’t want to show up to a photoshoot unprepared. It’ll be a waste of money, time, and effort. That is why rigorous planning is required to ensure that you finish up with the most incredible set of photos possible.

Begin by determining which photographer you want to hire. Today, many well-known photographers are in town, but only a handful of them make high-quality images. Take no risks. Always go with the best photographer available.

Here are some characteristics to consider while determining who is the best photographer:

Has excellent communication skills

Has a wide variety of imagination and creativity

Has all of the necessary gear and equipment

Is particularly attentive to detail

Has photography-related experience

Has a passion for what they do

Is flexible and adaptive

5. Include props, partners and children

Last but not least, make your images stand out by integrating your partners in the photo. If you do the maternity photoshoot with your partner, it’s an excellent opportunity to make lasting memories. You can create several different poses with them.

You can, for example, walk cheerfully or dance together or make a heart by holding your tummy together. These are just a few ideas for posing with your hubby. Also, if you include them in the maternity photo shoot, the results will be excellent.

On the other hand, you can use props to make the photography more enjoyable. Baby items such as boots, socks, a baby bottle, or a cute outfit can be used as props. It might also be a sonogram image, balloons, or even your pets, such as a cat or dog. There are several items to choose from. So, seek the assistance of the best photographer, and you will undoubtedly have the best props for your session.


Any photoshoot, especially a Maternity photoshoot, is bound to be challenging. It will need extensive planning. But you don’t have to worry about it. Put your best photographer in charge of it. Then, remember to follow our suggestions. And you will undoubtedly have the best maternity photo shoot possible.

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