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Hi, I’m Connie…..it’s a pleasure to meet you ♥

Ten years ago I would never have thought that I would be standing here today following a path into photography, but looking back now I can see how I ended up following a passion so close to my heart.

It took a tragic loss very close to me that really pushed me to take a risk. I was always that nutty friend who had a pocket camera in my handbag or in my back pocket, that wife that was so persistant in documenting every occasion & that mum that was constantly taking pictures of anything and everything about my girls as they grew up and thank god I did, because it was those million pictures that helped my girls and I survive and move on to forge a new life with so many happy memories when we lost their Dad just over 11 years ago. Captured memories are priceless!!

I have never had any background teaching or experience in photography,  just a love for capturing that moment that will forever twig an emotion or memory in the years to come. So I headed out and yep only 8 years ago purchased my first SLR camera. Since then anything to do with photography to me is like a kid in a candy store – I get so excited. I can’t learn enough soon enough. Not only have I learnt from some of the best photographers in the world, I am now also sharing my knowledge through teaching and speaking about photography. I have lived and breathed it and I LOVE it.

I truly find an indescribable joy in creating artistic portraits of children and families. I take extra time and care in processing to ensure that moment, that emotion is showcased in your images. The entire process of interacting with kids, playing with them, photographing them and being able to present those sweet little glimpses of them to their parents brings a huge smile to my face each and every time. I love that I am able to document what they are like at different stages – from a little baby bump in Mums tummy, to that sweet newborn stage, to wild toddler, to loose teeth and even to that gorgeous, lanky teenage stage….such sweet memories that will forever be held close to a parents heart.

Whenever I hear someone say to me now “you can tell you love what you do” I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be here today, doing something that I truly love to do, something that I am very passionate about and something that makes my heart swell with so much pride.

So please take the time to browse through my images and I hope one day soon I will have the opportunity to capture your magic moments xxxx